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My Earth Day Pledge

I pledge to do my part to help to Save the Earth. I will Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to make everyday Earth Day. I care about our planet today and I can make a difference for tomorrow Let's all work together!

I Pledge

I will save energy. I promise to turn off lights and electronics when not being used. I will walk, bike or share rides with family or friends, with permission when possible. 

I Pledge

I will conserve resources. I promise to use a refillable water bottle for chinking. I will not waste water. I will carry reusable bags for shopping. 

I Pledge

I will not litter. I promise to put trash into proper receptacles. I will remember to recycle and will help others to keep the Earth clean and green each day. 

I Pledge

I will protect our planet. I promise to celebrate Earth Day everyday. It is our responsibility to keep the Earth healthy for people and animals. 

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You've successfully signed the Earth Day Pledge :)

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